Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

We made it!

Another day of driving, crossed the Oregon/ California state line, we made it to Cali!!!



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Day one

Day one of driving is done! Seattle Washington to Ashland Oregon. A few potty breaks, lots of music, some movies, coloring books, and a nap!
Now it’s bedtime at the Holiday Inn!


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T minus 3 days!

After today, I have 2 days left at work. We leave for California in 3 days. Juuuuuuust breeeeeath. It hasn’t completely hit me yet, but I know as soon as we cross that Oregon/California line, it will hit me like a ton of bricks. WE ARE MOVING TO CALIFORNIA!

On the job front: I will be taking a break from working for a while and get everything settled first. Ill be figuring out Dylan’s Kindergarten, new doctors, where the grocery store is.. 

On the place to live situation: We have a condo waiting for us! Yay for not being homeless!



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