Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

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A few things that Dylan has said lately that make me smile:

Mom, did you know, I was born to be wild?

I need more time. So many minutes that you can’t even point it out!

Mom? Have you ever been eaten by a shark?

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Does Mom really know better?

Dylan’s bedtime story last night was a very large book called ‘Dinosaurs’. However he changed the name to ‘Prehistoric Times’. It is most likely meant  for kids at a 2nd or 3rd grade reading level, even though most of the dinosaur names are SUPER hard to pronounce!

  • Adeopapposaurus
  • Bothriospondylus                                        AHH SERIOUSLY?!?  
  • Pycnonemosaurus
  • Micropachycephalosaurus

Since Dylan can’t read yet, he didn’t know that I was COMPLETELY butchering the names. I think I even made up a few of them because I was too lazy to sound them out.

So this book had a few ‘chapters’ like.. The Mesozoic Period, Carnivores, The Jurassic Period, Fossils..  Each chapter has a brief 1-3 paragraph explanation of that topic, and then pictures of examples; types of dinosaur eggs, predators, which animal today is most like a dinosaur, with little captions under each one.

Dylan took it upon himself, being the super intelligent Paleontologist that he is (and I really only know what a Paleontologist is because of Ross from FRIENDS!), to correct me when I was reading. Who cares if I butchered the names of the dinosaurs, it was WAY more important that I know the TRUTH about how fossils are made. “The dinosaur stands really still and his friends bury him in the sand or in the dirt walls, and then humans dig up his bones hundreds of years later” Interesting… Or what baby dinosaurs are called. “That one is called a leopard dinosaur because when it comes out of the egg it has spots like a leopard.” Makes sense..

After a few pages of being corrected, I just asked Dylan about everything instead. He did recognize the Little Foot, Petre, Ducky, and Sara dinosaurs 🙂

This is another example of the wild and crazy imagination of the mysterious child. I don’t mind hearing him tell me “You’re wrong mooooom.” And yes he draws out the moooooooooom for dramatic emphasis.

Conclusion: Mom knows nothing about dinosaurs 😉


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Best Mother’s Day gift?

Just alittle over 2 weeks away.. Mother’s Day is THE most important holiday. Right moms?! 😉

I always try to out-do my siblings with gifts for mom.. afterall, I am her favorite and give the best gifts, Right mom!?

I started my Mother’s Day shopping alittle early, gotta make sure I also out-do my last year’s gift. Cause Mom deserves better each year, cause just like wine, she gets better with time. (Im your favorite, right??)

I think I did a pretty dang good job this year. We shall see come May 13th! Im very excited for my ‘made in preschool’ gift from Dylan! He is soo proud of his projects and I love seeing his proud little smirk!

If your reading this, Id LOVE to hear from you! 🙂

Would you rather be pampered and waited on or have precious ME time?

What was your Best/Worst Mother’s Day gift? 

For the men- What have you given your mom/wife that she won’t let you forget? Good or bad.

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Kitchen Aid

Last night I was making a treat for work today. I was craving Rice Krispie Treats, but wanted to spice it up a bit. Dylan LOVES Fruit Loops.. so I decided to substitute the Rice Krispies for Fruit Loops!


Dylan was my special helper! He was so excited to help stir!


In the end, we got a Delicious rainbow treat!


I have been asked to include the recipe! 🙂

This is from the Rice Krispies website:

  • 3 tablespoons butter or margarine
  • 4 cups miniature marshmallows
  • 6 cups Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® cereal

1. In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat.

2. Add KELLOGG’S RICE KRISPIES cereal. Stir until well coated.

        3. Using buttered spatula or wax paper evenly press mixture into 13 x 9 x 2  inch pan coated with cooking spray. Cool. Cut into 2-inch squares. Best if served the same day

I switched out the Krispies for Fruitloops! Can’t wait to try this out with another kind of cereal! I’m thinking Trix are next..


Stories by Dylan: Take 1

Once upon a time there was two little kids, Batman and Spiderman. Spiderman had a pet spider, Batman had a pet bat. And then they went home with their pets, and they played games and went outside and their pets went pee and did tricks. And then they all went inside and drinked cocoa milk, and water, and juice and they drinked cold milk and almond milk, and then they went to bed. And woke up, and went to bed, and woke up. And they were playing together again, and they did that and this and that and this and that. And then they read a once upon a time story together. Batman read a story about bats, Spiderman read a book about spiders. Then they switched. And they played together with toys. Then they made their bed and they just lie down on the bed and packed up their backpacks for school with the other super heroes, like that little green guy… that changes into other stuff, and one of his teeth was sticking out of his mouth. And then they saw Batman’s friend. And then they saw Spiderman’s friend, and then they saw someone else. And they saw… they saw… who else did they see? Oh, they met Captain America and the little green guy’s dad at the little green guy’s house. And there was a guy who had three finger nails that grew and grew and he could cut stuff.

And then they met all the superhero friends, like the super hero squad. Then they went to the playground and it was raining then they all went home with their daddy’s.


 I just learned how bossy Dylan is when it comes to making up stories. If he didn’t think I was typing the correct word, I got in trouble. And he feels as though, being the narrator, he also has the right to add his own typing into the story.. “Mom! Can I press the L?” “Mom! What does S and R and F and 5 spell?” “Mooooooom! Did you say how Batman went to bed?” “Don’t forget to press the G!” “Where is the letter I pressed? Its too small!”

I think I’ve created a monster…

THE END!!!!!!

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Sleep wins

So day 1 of Stories by Dylan
failed! I started too late, he told me he was too tired to write a story. So instead we read one. A cute little bedtime book about Elmo and his mommy and how much they love each other. In the book, Elmo asks his mom if she would love him even if he was a giant, a porcupine, polka-dotty, as small as a mouse.. And her response is always “I’d love my monster no matter what.” awwww!!!

Then Dylan fell asleep..


Maybe tomorrow night? If we don’t find something better to get into!

Sweet dreams!!


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Trying something new

I’m working on getting out of my Blogging slump..

This last weekend, Dylan had his imagination turned to HIGH! I guess it is also natural for a 4-year-old to have a wild imagination, but he was on a role this weekend! He was telling me stories left and right. His little mind was going 100MPH 🙂

This morning on our way to daycare, this was our discussion:

“Once, I was in the ocean and there was a shark, and I had a gun, but it didn’t have real bullets, and the shark had a guy in his mouth, and the guy had real bullets so he got out of the shark’s mouth”
Wow! That sounds dangerous!

“It wasn’t too bad mom. But make sure when you go into the ocean, you have real bullets, ya know, just in case you see a shark”
Can I use a bow and arrow or a spear instead?

“Of course mom! A bow and arrow would work the same, you just gotta shoot it right so you don’t get eatted”
This sounds like a scary story bud!
“Yea, I’m full of them”

BINGO! Stories by Dylan is born!

A couple posts back, I mentioned how I need to do a better job at writing down what Dylan says. I’m going to use the wild mind of a 4-year-old to get out of this slump!

And what a good way to wind down the evening! Instead of reading stories together, we can now write them!

Tonight, we will publish *try to publish* our first story..

Stay Tuned!


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Ahhhh I have been in a writing slump! Lots has been going on! There is lots to write about! But where do I find the time to sit down and put it all into a blog?!

I am currently laying in bed with Dylan, watching Open Season 3, typing this on my phone.

Sleepiness is starting to overpower my eyes.

Dylan just told me he is done with the movie. Looks like its lights out.

Thought I would share my latest smile maker 🙂


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If you leave the water running..

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he’ll probably ask for a straw..

I think that most everyone knows this story. Or a similar one.. If you give a moose a muffin, he’ll want jam to go with it.

Dylan requsted a bubble bath last night. I proceeded to fill the tub, and when i turned off the faucet Dylan insisted there wasn’t enough water. When I told him we didn’t want the tub to overflow, I immediatly saw the wheels turning in his head…

"Mom.. if the bath tub overflows, then the bathroom will flood"
Yes it will
"And  if the bathroom floods, our house with flood"
Thats right
"And if the house floods, we can't live in it anymore"
Sure can't
"Then we will be cavemen.. and have to live in our car."
"And if we live in our car, we can drive our house"
uhh.. I guess
"But then we might get lost!"
"So we don't want the bathtub to overflow. I don't wanna get lost."
Good thinking.
"Im always right mom."

Huh.. I just nodded and smiled.

4 year olds really do say some interesting things! And they don’t realize that sometimes we just want to start cracking up. But you don’t want it to seem like you are laughing at your child.. so you just have to nod and smile.

I really do enjoy listening to Dylan’s silly stories. I find myself asking the following, in order to keep the story going and to see what Dylan comes up with next:

"And then what happens?" 
"Is that possible?!"
"What did you do next?" 
And one of our favorites is: "Did he explode?"


I really should do a better job of writting down all the silly stories and phrases he says.. It would get a good laugh in a few years!


Hope everyone is having a good Friday the 13th 🙂

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