Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

Sleep wins

So day 1 of Stories by Dylan
failed! I started too late, he told me he was too tired to write a story. So instead we read one. A cute little bedtime book about Elmo and his mommy and how much they love each other. In the book, Elmo asks his mom if she would love him even if he was a giant, a porcupine, polka-dotty, as small as a mouse.. And her response is always “I’d love my monster no matter what.” awwww!!!

Then Dylan fell asleep..


Maybe tomorrow night? If we don’t find something better to get into!

Sweet dreams!!


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Ahhhh I have been in a writing slump! Lots has been going on! There is lots to write about! But where do I find the time to sit down and put it all into a blog?!

I am currently laying in bed with Dylan, watching Open Season 3, typing this on my phone.

Sleepiness is starting to overpower my eyes.

Dylan just told me he is done with the movie. Looks like its lights out.

Thought I would share my latest smile maker 🙂


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