Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

Whats in your cookie jar?

My office is having a Cookie Bake Off on Thursday. I just scoured the internet in search for the perfect cookie to make! And behold! Peanut Butter-Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip. I am currently drooling at my desk.

This has got to be the most amazing cookie combination EVER!

I will need to double the recipe, cause I can not promise I will not eat half of the raw dough..

What is your TO DIE FOR cookie??




Please notice the splats of apple sauce on the table.. It’s times like this when I just let the mess happen.. I will clean it all up at once when he is done… *sigh*

Or I’ll just let him scrape it up with his spoon


Wallpaper be gone!

I have a wallpaper border around the middle of the wall in my room. I want it gone! I have been wanting to do another painting project since my side table painting project. So the wallpaper will come off and I will paint the walls!

I took the border off one wall.. And have been procrastinating for the last week! It’s a tedious job and I really want someone else to do it for me..

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Aaaaand I’m back!

After what seems like a bajillion years, I am finally back! I wish I could say that I have been out of the country traveling and seeing the sights, or feeding baby pandas, or surfing with dolphins or anything remotely exciting or exotic!

I have actually just been lazy 🙂
The weather has finally started to look like summer out here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and we have been enjoying it!
Instead of writing a post about each event or activity we have been getting ourselves into, I’ll share some brief deets here..

A girlfriend and I took the kids bowling! Watching 4 year olds try to roll the 7 pound ball down the lane is hilarious! Although it took the ball a good 2 minutes to get from Dylan’s hands to the pins, he had a great time! And his score was actually better than mine in the end, with bumpers!! Maybe I should take lessons from him..


I got some new ink! ”Amazing” to remind myself that I am amazing and strong and I can do whatever I put my mind to! It’s also a promise to myself to stay amazing!


Someone lost a tooth! Yes he is too young for his teeth to be coming out on their own.. there was an intense wrestling match between Dylan and his uncle, and uncle’s foot and Dylan’s mouth did not get along.


But the tooth fairy came! Shoes On the Wrong Feet gave me a great idea in one of her past posts about the ToothFairy, So I took that concept and made it my own! Dylan got a note from the ToothFairy and we discussed in great length about what the ToothFairy looks like (purple wings, green shoes, and a gold crown) and which cloud in the sky she lives on.


Dylan got a hair cut! And from the picture below.. you can tell it was much-needed!!


We spent a week at my grandparents house at Lake Chelan in Eastern Washington. Sun, pool, sun, hot tub, pool, sun, and smiles 🙂 Dylan ‘swam’ by himself! With the assistance of a life jacket, he wiggled his way back and forth across the pool yelling “Watch this!”


4th of July! We BBQ’d at a friend’s house. Lots of kids running up and down the street while the parents lined the sidewalks in their camping chairs. The firework show was fun! The guys all had a blast out doing each other’s fireworks!



My cousin got married! And I had the amazing honor to stand beside her at the altar as one of her bridesmaids! This particular cousin and I are only 2 months apart, and we have grown up together our entire life. It was so wonderful to be able to be a part of her special day!



Dylan and my brothers after the ceremony. Such handsome fellas!


Happy Friday to all! Hope your weekend will be filled with happiness and sunshine!