Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

5 years young

My little man turns 5 in a month!!!! With my Budget frenzy going on at the moment, I am trying to figure out what to do for his birthday that  A) is fun for 5 year olds  and  B) is nice to my wallet.

February in the PNW is iffy, so outdoor activities can be limiting..

Ideas?? DIY?


Black to Blue

I consider myself fairly crafty. I’ve done my share of scrapbooks, frames, modge podge, and painting. I have my collection of paper, stickers, different kinds of glue, gadgets and gizmos, whosits and whatsits, and what have you for crafts. What I haven’t done before is a furniture piece!

A few weeks ago I decided to sand down and repaint a side table that has been in my room for who knows how long! This particular side table has been in the family for a gazillion years. My mom remembers this table in her house when she was young. How I ended up with it in my room.. No Clue!

Being a gazillion years old, this table had remnants of stickers stuck on it, dents and dings and scratches all over and it was black. Dull black. It wasn’t a pretty table to look at.        

 Exhibit 1A & 1B:  










So Dylan and I ventured to the hardware store. And once I got there I realized I had NO CLUE what I needed! Sand Paper… Okay lets start with sand paper.. coarse? medium? hmm let’s go with a medium grain. Do I need a sand paper tool?! Nah.. I’ll use my womanly arm muscles. Paint.. crap!!!!! What color did I want to paint it? What kind of paint? Do I need a base coat? Top Coat? Primer? Oh hey! Excuse me Mr. Hardware store worker.. uhmm I need help?

Mr. Hardware was a HUGE help! He helped me pick out a good paint with a primer in it. Once we knew what brand of paint we were getting, It was off to the color wheel.. Did you know there are a trillion colors to choose from? I let Dylan pick. He chose a very nice Navy Blue. I was pleased with his color choice. So we got our paint mixed, payed for our findings and zipped home to begin our project!


Step 1: Sanding










My arms were burning! But I was soooooo proud of myself! Dylan did some sanding too.. then he saw a puddle and decided that would be more fun.

Step 2: Start Painting: Coat 1










Looking good! I’m loving the color!

I added 2 more coats of paint:









I wish I could say that I did this project in a matter of hours. I spread it out over 2 or 3 days. I didn’t want to wear myself out!

I am now the owner of a refurnished antique side table. And by owner I mean that I am fostering it in my room until I move out, my mom has staked her claim to it.

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Best Mother’s Day gift?

Just alittle over 2 weeks away.. Mother’s Day is THE most important holiday. Right moms?! 😉

I always try to out-do my siblings with gifts for mom.. afterall, I am her favorite and give the best gifts, Right mom!?

I started my Mother’s Day shopping alittle early, gotta make sure I also out-do my last year’s gift. Cause Mom deserves better each year, cause just like wine, she gets better with time. (Im your favorite, right??)

I think I did a pretty dang good job this year. We shall see come May 13th! Im very excited for my ‘made in preschool’ gift from Dylan! He is soo proud of his projects and I love seeing his proud little smirk!

If your reading this, Id LOVE to hear from you! 🙂

Would you rather be pampered and waited on or have precious ME time?

What was your Best/Worst Mother’s Day gift? 

For the men- What have you given your mom/wife that she won’t let you forget? Good or bad.

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