Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

The Plan

I’m staring at a pink binder with a large stack of papers tucked into it. The oh so wonderful “Parenting Plan”!   Or ‘co-parenting guidelines’.. or ‘co-parenting suggestions’.. Just cause it’s called a ‘Plan’, doesn’t mean it will be THE Plan.

Growing up, my parents were very good about making sure we had a plan. Anytime we went out with friends, went to the mall, had soccer practice.. “Whats the plan?”  It was the Who, What, Where, Why, and When of it all.

That mind-set has rubbed off on me and I can’t do much without having a plan. I’m not so good at ‘winging it’. I need to know times, what to bring, whats going on.. And yeah.. I may get on my friends nerves sometimes.. “Lets just go and figure it out on the way!” or make my boyfriend contemplate breaking up with me with my constant questions and plan making..  Deal with it people! 🙂

Dylan’s dad and I had roughly, verbally, made a ‘plan’ for who has Dylan when. And now here I am, staring at my pink binder full of papers that I need to read through in order to get a ‘Plan’. Legal and on paper.

This is the one time where I don’t have a plan, I don’t have the answers, and I’m still trying to figure out where to start.

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