Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

A February Dusting

Dear Sky–

What is this white stuff covering my yard?! Tomorrow is March, and I would really enjoy some sunshine. 

How a 4 year old’s mind works when they see snow “I think its Christmas!”



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Why is bedtime so difficult!?


Time for that nap!  Don’t miss the window for naps….toddlers need naps to sleep well at night!  Establish good sleep routines for naps and night-time!

It was 8:30,  I was tired, and my 2-year-old seemed to be gearing up for the evening.  My patience was short and soon everyone ended up melting down.  Not a very pleasant way to end the day!  I hated when an evening in our home ended in a melt down!  I always felt like such a terrible Mom, but evenings like that made me re-group and remember that naps, early bedtimes and calming routines were the cornerstone to good sleep for everyone.  Besides, when the kids were in bed early, I always had time to take a breather, visit with Brad and reward myself with a bowl of ice cream for making it through another day!

Often children are sleeping pretty well as they enter the…

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13 Things Your Pediatrician Won’t Tell You, from Reader’s Digest

So True! Working in a Pediatrician’s office, I am happy to pass along this information to my fellow parents!

13 Things Your Pediatrician Won’t Tell You, from Reader’s Digest.

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Sunny Day Wishes

Yesterday was what we Seattleites consider a GORGEOUS day! The sun shining brightly.. a crisp breeze lightly rustling the leaf-less trees.. and NO RAIN 🙂

I have the great pleasure of having Monday’s off, therefore, turning Monday into an unofficial “running errands/play day”.

  • Why is it you are always busier on your day off?

After picking up Dylan from his morning preschool, giving myself a few hours of (precious) ME TIME.. he decided he wanted to go on a walk..  My immediate thought..”?%$&! Its freezing outside!”  But somewhere in his short 4 years, he picked up on the fact that if you do this…‘head tilt, slight smile, wide eyes, “pretty please”‘… you will make your mom melt and she will give you anything you want.. Darn you TV!

Jacket, hat, mittens, sunglasses and a power wheel later.. we are cruising up the street! 

Highway to the Danger Zone!

We made a stop at the barn near our house, fed some of the horses.. and much to Dylan’s disappointment, found out horses do not like brown weeds or sticks (WHO KNEW?!)

Come on little it!


 Once our cheeks were nice and rosy pink, we started heading home, only to discover a plank that was laying across a creek (actually the drainage ditch that runs along the street.. but we can call it a creek). “Mom! A bridge!” Of course we had to stop and walk across it!

  •  Where do kids get the idea about throwing an object into water and making a wish? Oh yeah.. TV!

Pebbles.. water… Wishes!

“Uhhhmmmmmm I wish… I wiiiisssssshhhhh.. I wish I could marry my mommy!”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh I wiiiiiiiiissshh I could stay up all night!”

“I wiiiiiiiiissshhhh I wish I wish I wish I could walk on buildings!”

Making his wishes

So that is what 4 year olds wish for.

How can you not love your child when he says such freaking adorable things?!


 “Ok mom, let’s go home and get hot chocolate and marshmallows.”


My cheeks hurt from smiling so much and my chest hurt from loving this kid with all my heart.

Marshmallows and hot chocolate were the perfect solution ❤

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The Eagle has Landed!

Houston– we have poop!

That is what I felt like saying when my mom told me my son pooped on the potty this morning!!

My Fellow Parents.. please join in my excitement! My 4 year old has FINALLY done his business in the potty!

Potty Training started September 2010…

What an exciting yet frusterating.. messy, stressful, aggitating.. adveture it was!

Lets get rid of those pull-ups!!

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Dear Child..

Dear child..

• Seriously, if you just close your eyes.. You will fall asleep!

• I wouldn’t offer you poisonous food.. Just try it, you might like it!

• Actually I am the boss. That’s why my name is mom.


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Welcome to my mind!

I find myself thinking.. “Dear child.. if only you knew..”

And then I think.. “I wonder how many times my mom thought that when I was younger…”

Then this thought pops up.. “Does she still think that?”

The phrase “I wish I knew then, what I know now” sticks with me a lot. Being a young mom, still having that motherly figure watching out for me, while I am watching out for my son.

How easy or difficult is it to pass on life lessons to your child?


But that is what makes this game called -Motherhood- so much fun!