Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

Cable and peanut butter

Its Tuesday night (I think). My husband is on duty at the Coast Guard base. Dylan is in bed. I decided to enjoy my night alone (kinda) by watching a movie and having dessert that I don’t have to share in bed (mwahahah!)

What actually happened is I got distracted by flipping through all our new channels. (We got Cable baby!) I saw that ‘Grown Ups’ was going to be on at 8pm. So I sat on the couch and watched whatever was on that channel till 8pm, so I wouldn’t forget about the movie.

I then wanted my dessert, but found some pretty dessert-bare cupboards. What we did have was animals crackers and peanut butter. Works for me!

So now during commercials, I am browsing channels and munching on my animal crackers, feeling very much like an adult.. And I have never know of kittens to beg as much as ours do! They are looking at me as if they have never had food. Ever. But they are soo cute! So I kinda want to give them peanut butter… but I won’t.

So now that the movie is over, I want to be friends with Adam Sandler and Kevin James, I want to get chocolate wasted everyday, and I wouldn’t mind having the body of Salma Hayak.

So I think tomorrow is Wednesday.. my days are so blurred.. its been a lot of pool, beach, beach, pool. Its tough not having a job! As much as I would LOVE to become a professional beach bum (I would be DARN good at it!), Ive heard that it doesn’t pay that well. So I’m on the job hunt. I need a job. I need friends. I have friends, I need friends in Alameda. I need connections in Alameda. Who lives in Alameda and wants to be my friend?

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Whats in your cookie jar?

My office is having a Cookie Bake Off on Thursday. I just scoured the internet in search for the perfect cookie to make! And behold! Peanut Butter-Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip. I am currently drooling at my desk.

This has got to be the most amazing cookie combination EVER!

I will need to double the recipe, cause I can not promise I will not eat half of the raw dough..

What is your TO DIE FOR cookie??