Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

Mom knows Better

Mom always tends to know better than child. I don’t know how that works. As a child, you believe that you run the world and know it all. You have that “Duh” mentality when it comes to.. well.. almost everything. But as you grow up, you start to realize:

  • mom WAS once your age
  • she DOES know what its like to be a kid, teenager, younger/older/middle sibling, grounded..
  • 98% of the time she IS right
  • she DOES know what she is talking about
  • when she says NO, she means it
  • and if you think you got away with something, you didn’t, Mom knew about it

 “Maybe mom does knows what she’s talking about… naaaahhhhh” 😉

Dylan and I got a yucky 24 hour stomach bug the other day. Dylan’s started at 10:30pm on Monday. What did he want when he didn’t feel good? To cuddle with his mom. What did I want when I had a sick child clinging to me a pile of yuck on the bed? My mom. Luckily, I live with my parents, so mom was just a holler away.

Midnight: Another round of sick, a clingy yucked up child, I grab my cell and call my mom.. she is only downstairs, but I don’t want to wake the whole house by yelling! She helps me clean up,  remake the bed, layer it with towels, and get some new jammies.  “Mom? What gets the puke smell out of the mattress?” She had the answer.  And it was better than my ‘scrub with hot water’ idea.  

Tuesday morning, Dylan was feeling much better, but still feverish and crabby. I knew to only give him small sips of clear liquids, flat 7-Up, and bland foods.  He tolerated the 7-Up and  did not want to eat anything.  I was starting to feel the yuck coming on.. so I ate a bowl of cereal and had two cups of coffee. Whoops just contradicted myself there.. Now I’m not feeling too hot, and I ask my mom “What can I take to make my stomach feel better?” She had the answer. And it was better than my “drink more coffee” idea.

Amazing how you can know all the answers, yet still need to ask all the questions.

In the end, the bug passed in less than 24 hours, we are all alive and well, and my mattress doesn’t smell. True Life: Mom knows Better

What would we do without moms?!

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Sick :(

Dylan and I were up all night. Poor guy has a stomach bug 😦 after changing the bed twice, once at 10:30pm and again at 12:30am, we ended up sleeping on the floor.
I’m staying home with him today. Sometimes you just need some mom cuddles and loves when you are sick. And with the lack of sleep, I dont think I’d be able to function whatsoever at work today.

Here’s to a couch day, a cuddle day, a quick recovery, and a nap.

Happy Tuesday!

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