Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

Donuts, roses, and a pinata

Happy February!

Yesterday at work was a CHALLENGE! Our computers were down and we had to schedule all our appointments on paper.. I work in the scheduling center for a large pediatrics group. We have 7 clinics.. we had to schedule for ALL 7 clinics on paper!!    “oh that doesn’t sound so bad.”  *evil death glare activated*

This morning I brought my staff donuts to say thank you for all their hard work yesterday. I have been staring at the donuts, smelling their sweet goodness, craving the sprinkles.. But being good and eating my banana instead. Since I started Paleo 3 weeks ago, I am down 10 lbs! I can’t give up now! But oh man.. I want a donut.

Back tracking to last weekend: Baby Daddy Drama. Enough said. My weekend with my boyfriend was cut short and I was extremely upset. Boyfriend to the rescue! He came over the next morning with a dozen red roses 🙂 I immediately was in a better mood. I would have accepted a donut at that point as well.

Tomorrow is Dylan’s birthday party!! We are having a Lego Pizza party!  To save some bucks, I made the pinata! (see photo below) The kids will also get to make their own mini pizzas using Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, shredded  mozzarella and cheddar cheese, mini pepperoni and pizza sauce. Each kid will get to press and shape their ‘dough’  flat, then spread their sauce and add desired cheese and pepperoni. Popped into the oven for a bit and TA DA! Mini pizza! They will also then frost and decorate their own cupcakes. It’s a very hands on party 🙂 So as I am helping Dylan with his pizza, I will be eating my carrot sticks. Wishing I had a donut.


TGIF and Happy SuperBowl weekend!!

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Funky photoshoot

All I wanted was for him to smile
Just look at me, hold still, and smile
And this is what I got::







And finally I settled with this last one::


Was it so bad to just smile?!?

Silly boy..

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Trying something new

I’m working on getting out of my Blogging slump..

This last weekend, Dylan had his imagination turned to HIGH! I guess it is also natural for a 4-year-old to have a wild imagination, but he was on a role this weekend! He was telling me stories left and right. His little mind was going 100MPH 🙂

This morning on our way to daycare, this was our discussion:

“Once, I was in the ocean and there was a shark, and I had a gun, but it didn’t have real bullets, and the shark had a guy in his mouth, and the guy had real bullets so he got out of the shark’s mouth”
Wow! That sounds dangerous!

“It wasn’t too bad mom. But make sure when you go into the ocean, you have real bullets, ya know, just in case you see a shark”
Can I use a bow and arrow or a spear instead?

“Of course mom! A bow and arrow would work the same, you just gotta shoot it right so you don’t get eatted”
This sounds like a scary story bud!
“Yea, I’m full of them”

BINGO! Stories by Dylan is born!

A couple posts back, I mentioned how I need to do a better job at writing down what Dylan says. I’m going to use the wild mind of a 4-year-old to get out of this slump!

And what a good way to wind down the evening! Instead of reading stories together, we can now write them!

Tonight, we will publish *try to publish* our first story..

Stay Tuned!


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Whats your favorite {sleep} position?

Looking through my pictures, I have realized I take an unusual amount of photos of Dylan sleeping. He tends to sleep in some odd positions, angles, places..

Kids are a mess when they sleep! They flop and flip and roll and flail.

As we fall asleep with our child, we can picture it in our minds.. your wee one is curled up perfectly next to you, laying perfectly still, fitting perfectly in the folds of your body as you are perfectly and comfortably laying in the exact middle of the bed.


It’s not only the awkward sleeping moments that I capture, it’s the cute and normal ones too! I’m a mom.. come on.. of course I take photos of my kid sleeping! I want to capture him in the moment and keep him small forever! And also, he is holding still and quiet and clean, I want to remember how peaceful he was and how at peace I was at this moment.. because pretty soon he will be running around, diving off the couch, his face covered in who knows what and he will most likely be missing a sock.. or both socks.. or his pants. *sigh* That exhausted me just thinking about it!

Here are a few of my favorite “Sleeping in the car seat” shots:


And then we have the “Sleeping on the ground” series:


                                              The “In a sleeping bag on the bed”


                                                           The “Face Plant”


                                                           The “Hand Pillow”








Then we have the “Middle of the bed” Sprawl



I love cuddling up with Dylan in bed.. but I need my space too.. As you can clearly see.. he is all over the place. He may not be perfect, but I am perfectly happy. I wouldn’t have it any other way 😛