Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!


I told a friend yesterday  “God wouldn’t give you a challenge if he didn’t think you could rock it!”

I found myself saying that again today. To myself!

            I am currently going through some struggles of strength. How strong am I? I don’t mean physical strength, I know I can carry a 35lb child through the zoo, no problem 😉  But Mental Strength, Spiritual Strength and my Strength in Trusting. All of these tie into my overall Strength as a Parent.

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men! Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks.”

    I belong to a wonderful support group, women young and old, who are in or have been in the young single mom situation. Some of the older women act as advocates to the younger. Whether it’s giving advice, offering resources, lending an ear, giving a shoulder to cry on or just a friendly face to visit with. These women are AMAZING! I can’t say enough good things about it!

Recently we have been talking about praying; what to pray for, how we do it, who we pray for. I have always prayed like this “Please let the answers come to me! Make the parenting plan process easier than it really is! Make (insert name here) just go away so I don’t have to deal with them!” If it only worked like that…

I now go about it like this “Give me the wisdom to find the answers. Give me the patience and will power to work through this parenting plan. Give me the strength and courage to deal with (insert name here). Grant me the wisdom, grace, and strength to better myself as a parent.”

You will only be cheating yourself if your challenges and expectations are lowered. Keep your expectations high, look that challenge square in the face, and be ready to receive the powers to reach and accomplish. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? So *fingers crossed* you don’t die.. Lessons will be learned and mountains will be climbed.

When I am having a tough time, I come to the Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

So as I work on Strengthening myself to be the best parent I can be, I hope you are able to be strong in a tough situation in your life.

For some reason, I feel like signing off  ‘May the force be with you’



Mom knows Better

Mom always tends to know better than child. I don’t know how that works. As a child, you believe that you run the world and know it all. You have that “Duh” mentality when it comes to.. well.. almost everything. But as you grow up, you start to realize:

  • mom WAS once your age
  • she DOES know what its like to be a kid, teenager, younger/older/middle sibling, grounded..
  • 98% of the time she IS right
  • she DOES know what she is talking about
  • when she says NO, she means it
  • and if you think you got away with something, you didn’t, Mom knew about it

 “Maybe mom does knows what she’s talking about… naaaahhhhh” 😉

Dylan and I got a yucky 24 hour stomach bug the other day. Dylan’s started at 10:30pm on Monday. What did he want when he didn’t feel good? To cuddle with his mom. What did I want when I had a sick child clinging to me a pile of yuck on the bed? My mom. Luckily, I live with my parents, so mom was just a holler away.

Midnight: Another round of sick, a clingy yucked up child, I grab my cell and call my mom.. she is only downstairs, but I don’t want to wake the whole house by yelling! She helps me clean up,  remake the bed, layer it with towels, and get some new jammies.  “Mom? What gets the puke smell out of the mattress?” She had the answer.  And it was better than my ‘scrub with hot water’ idea.  

Tuesday morning, Dylan was feeling much better, but still feverish and crabby. I knew to only give him small sips of clear liquids, flat 7-Up, and bland foods.  He tolerated the 7-Up and  did not want to eat anything.  I was starting to feel the yuck coming on.. so I ate a bowl of cereal and had two cups of coffee. Whoops just contradicted myself there.. Now I’m not feeling too hot, and I ask my mom “What can I take to make my stomach feel better?” She had the answer. And it was better than my “drink more coffee” idea.

Amazing how you can know all the answers, yet still need to ask all the questions.

In the end, the bug passed in less than 24 hours, we are all alive and well, and my mattress doesn’t smell. True Life: Mom knows Better

What would we do without moms?!

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Sick :(

Dylan and I were up all night. Poor guy has a stomach bug 😦 after changing the bed twice, once at 10:30pm and again at 12:30am, we ended up sleeping on the floor.
I’m staying home with him today. Sometimes you just need some mom cuddles and loves when you are sick. And with the lack of sleep, I dont think I’d be able to function whatsoever at work today.

Here’s to a couch day, a cuddle day, a quick recovery, and a nap.

Happy Tuesday!

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The Plan

I’m staring at a pink binder with a large stack of papers tucked into it. The oh so wonderful “Parenting Plan”!   Or ‘co-parenting guidelines’.. or ‘co-parenting suggestions’.. Just cause it’s called a ‘Plan’, doesn’t mean it will be THE Plan.

Growing up, my parents were very good about making sure we had a plan. Anytime we went out with friends, went to the mall, had soccer practice.. “Whats the plan?”  It was the Who, What, Where, Why, and When of it all.

That mind-set has rubbed off on me and I can’t do much without having a plan. I’m not so good at ‘winging it’. I need to know times, what to bring, whats going on.. And yeah.. I may get on my friends nerves sometimes.. “Lets just go and figure it out on the way!” or make my boyfriend contemplate breaking up with me with my constant questions and plan making..  Deal with it people! 🙂

Dylan’s dad and I had roughly, verbally, made a ‘plan’ for who has Dylan when. And now here I am, staring at my pink binder full of papers that I need to read through in order to get a ‘Plan’. Legal and on paper.

This is the one time where I don’t have a plan, I don’t have the answers, and I’m still trying to figure out where to start.

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Whats your favorite {sleep} position?

Looking through my pictures, I have realized I take an unusual amount of photos of Dylan sleeping. He tends to sleep in some odd positions, angles, places..

Kids are a mess when they sleep! They flop and flip and roll and flail.

As we fall asleep with our child, we can picture it in our minds.. your wee one is curled up perfectly next to you, laying perfectly still, fitting perfectly in the folds of your body as you are perfectly and comfortably laying in the exact middle of the bed.


It’s not only the awkward sleeping moments that I capture, it’s the cute and normal ones too! I’m a mom.. come on.. of course I take photos of my kid sleeping! I want to capture him in the moment and keep him small forever! And also, he is holding still and quiet and clean, I want to remember how peaceful he was and how at peace I was at this moment.. because pretty soon he will be running around, diving off the couch, his face covered in who knows what and he will most likely be missing a sock.. or both socks.. or his pants. *sigh* That exhausted me just thinking about it!

Here are a few of my favorite “Sleeping in the car seat” shots:


And then we have the “Sleeping on the ground” series:


                                              The “In a sleeping bag on the bed”


                                                           The “Face Plant”


                                                           The “Hand Pillow”








Then we have the “Middle of the bed” Sprawl



I love cuddling up with Dylan in bed.. but I need my space too.. As you can clearly see.. he is all over the place. He may not be perfect, but I am perfectly happy. I wouldn’t have it any other way 😛


A Picture is worth 1000 words

My Dream job? A stay at home mom with extracurricular activities. I love working and I love being a mom. Can I get paid to be a mom??  

“ determined that the time mothers spend performing 10 typical job functions would equate to an annual salary of $115,432 for a stay-at-home mom. Working moms ‘at-home’ salary is $63,472 in 2011; this is in addition to the salary they earn in the workplace.”                                             

If this were the case, I’m better off staying home!

I do think about everything I miss when I’m at work and my son is at Daycare or with my mom. I’m lucky enough to have a mom who knows how to text (thanks to Dylan 😉 ), So I get updates and pictures during the day! 

 On this particular day, Dylan and Grandma were exploring the yard! Dylan has a few of those cars and trucks that you sit on and scoot along using your feet.. The two brave explorers stumbled upon a bone-yard of toys left out in the yard.. forgotten and abandoned since the sunny days of Summer..

I got this update:

Followed by these pictures..

Looks like Dylan has a green thumb 🙂






They also explored the wishing bridge again (from one of my previous posts ‘Sunny Day Wishes’).. and Dylan made a few more wishes..


I would love to stay with him all day and watch how a young imagination can run so wild, how he makes up imaginary situations about dinosaur robots and uses his action figures to fight imaginary evil villans. But until I win the lottery, I will be happy with going to work and getting attacked with hugs as soon as I get home at night.

I love pictures, taking pictures, looking at pictures, having pictures just to have them. I will forever be able to look back at Dylan last year, 6 months ago, 2 1/2 years ago, and remember his favorite outfit, his favorite toy, what shows he liked to watch, and get a wave of nostalgia as I hear his sweet little voice in my head.

I can’t wait to enjoy his little face at each and every stage of his life. Even when he is bigger than me..

Motherhood is pretty dang special

Cherish it

Enjoy it

Love it


Need a laugh now and then

Take a break from your crazy life’s.. And enjoy a laugh! This woman has just discovered there is such a thing as cheeseburger pizza.. And she is amazed!! As you can hear in her vivid conversation with her son on the phone.. Luckily her family was near by to capture this gem on video.
I am proud to call these crazies my family! 🙂

cheeseburger pizza!!

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But I don’t wanna share!

No.. This isn’t about Dylan having trouble sharing.. it’s about the mom.

Dylan goes to his dad’s house every-other weekend. He loves going over there. He has a whole different set of toys and movies and people to see when he goes there. But I don’t wanna share!

I do LOVE my quiet time and getting to run errands and see my friends and be an adult.. But I also love cuddles, watching cartoons (without having to explain why a 24-year-old is watching Scooby Doo in the middle of the day), and going on walks or ‘exploring’ just isn’t the same without a tiny imaginative brain telling you not to step on leaves cause you will fall through the sky and Iron Man will have to catch you before you hit the ground and explode. (It’s a scary thought..)

About half-way through the week Dylan will say “I miss my dad. When is he picking me up?” I have to explain the concept of ‘a few more days’ and try not to say “BUT I DONT WANNA SHARE!”

I’m the oldest child and a mom.. I have a little bit of a desire to control a given situation. So I’m thinking that my problem is that the control is out of my hands when Dylan isn’t with me, and it drives me nuts! I’m not super controlling.. I just like to know whats going on.. who, what, where, why, when..

Do all parents go through this?? Whether your single or not?


It’s a tech savvy world out there..

My son has organized ‘his’ apps on my iPhone into these two folders. Please note to the right.. NETFLIX is apparently considered a kid’s app. Also take note of the 4 versions of Angry Birds.. Yes.. I have let my 4-year-old fall into the Angry Bird craze.




At age 4, Dylan is able to unlock my phone, he has memorized my 4 digit pass code, he can navigate in and out of his games, pull up YouTube to watch clips of AngryBirds or Sonic the Hedgehog, he can use Netflix and scroll through the queue to find his TV shows and movies, and he knows that the ‘Home’ button takes him back to the main screen. He also understands the concept of “Does this game cost money?” when he is looking in the AppStore for new games..

When I was 4 I could barely use a calculator… :/

Is it good that this generation of children is so Tech Savvy?

My freshman year of college I wrote a paper on the effects of video games on kids; Weight gain, social lives become almost nonexistent, interaction with the ‘real world’ is lacking.. this is to the extreme. Now there is the Wii; Wii Fit, Wii games, Wii exercise! And especially for the youngsters, most video games (activities) are educational.

It does scare me sometimes.. thinking about what my son’s first cell phone will be. At what age should kids get a cell phone now? I didn’t get one until I was 15, and even then, I had it taken away for punishment and had to earn it back now and then. At age 23 I got my first iPhone (woohoo!). Within a month, Dylan had it figured out.

A few weeks ago, I caught Dylan showing my mom how to use my iPhone. My mom isn’t totally technologically inept.. but she is from the generation of Flintstone’s cars 😉  I have a feeling that when my mom decides to upgrade to a Smart Phone, Dylan will be teaching her how to use it.

Not your average iPhone user

Dylan uses my phone more that I do. Majority of the apps and games on my phone are his. I do have a few games that are just for fun.. ie AngryBirds. But I try to get ones that are somewhat educational; shapes, colors, animals, words, letters, numbers. I absolutely love it when I hear him talking to my phone while he is playing a game. He congratulates himself and will do a celebratory fist pump “Yess!” when he hears the automated voice say “You did it!”

I recently discovered a new blog from iGameMom iGameMom posts and writes about apps she has discovered. Search her blog for apps for a specific age range or subject. I will for sure be taking notes and downloading some new, FREE apps for Dylan tonight! He is going to LOVE me! 😉

In this day and age, I feel that it is SO common for young children to be as Tech Savvy as they are. Who knows.. maybe Dylan will grow up and invent something AMAZING.. all because I let him play with my iPhone and he fell in love with technology.. A mom can only dream..

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Inexperienced working mom

After finding a few blogs to follow about stay-at-home parenting experiences, experienced-grandparent expertise, mother-of-many-children advice, and how-to-keep-your-family-happy activities.. I have come to the quite obvious conclusion that I am a working full-time.. single.. young mother.. of 1 child.

I just heard Annie singing… “It’s a hard knock life for us”

It’s not so bad.. I have a great kid, a great job, a GREAT support system.. shout out to mom and dad! 🙂 My friends are super supportive and love seeing Dylan, and I never feel like I am the odd one out for having a child.

  • I am Lucky
  • I am Blessed
  • I am Thankful
  • I am Loved
  • I am Happy

Hi. My name is Margi. I’m 24. I have a 4-year-old and I’m a single mom.



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