Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!


Who wants to find me a place to live and a job in Alameda California??

My husband was given an amazing opportunity to transfer to Coast Guard Island;

Coast Guard Island is in the Oakland Estuary between Oakland and Alameda, California. The 67-acre (27 ha) island is situated in the historic Brooklyn Basin, now known as Embarcadero Cove. It is within the Alameda city limits, but is tied to the main land only via a bridge from Dennison Street in Oakland.            (thank you Wikipedia)

 So we will be moving to Alameda;

Alameda is a city in Alameda County, California, United States. It is located on Alameda Island and Bay Farm Island, and is adjacent to and west of Oakland and in eastern San Francisco Bay across from San Francisco and South San Francisco, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bet you didn’t know you would be getting a geography lesson too..

San Francisco! Yay! California! Yay!  … I have never lived outside of Washington.. I haven’t moved enough times to fill up one hand of fingers.. And now we are leaving the state! I can bring my parents with me, right? And I can still work for the same company..? Yeah, NO.

NEW NEW NEW! We are very excited to have this opportunity for a new adventure! Seeing as we are still newlyweds, (we’ve only been married 2 months!) starting such a new and exciting journey at this time seems to fit right in. New husband, New apartment, New last name, New in-laws, New family…. New state, New home, New job, New opportunities!

Luckily, we will be put up in a hotel for a bit until we find a place to rent. We head down to Cali in 3 weeks, and have started looking for places now, in hopes that we can get something lined up and don’t have to live in a hotel for too long. We will be staying with my husband’s family for a week in Northern Cali (vacation!), and then heading into Alameda to start reality. And oh yeah, I need a job!

I have been with my company for 4 years now. A large pediatrics group with 7 clinics and 80-ish doctors. I have been the Lead in the Scheduling Center for all 7 clinics for the past 3 years. I have excellent customer service skills, I love working with people or by myself, I CAN be organized (my husband will tell you otherwise),computer and phone skills are superb, I am very familiar with medical terminology, ethical and legal concepts, insurance, referrals, scheduling, time management, concepts of triage, and runnning and maintaing a happy and friendly office environment. Do you want to hire me??

As much as I would love to be a stay at home military wife, or even working part time and getting the baby maker ready for action, Dylan will be in Kindergarten in the Fall, and I need to keep busy! I also have to keep reminding myself about our car payment and bills.. ohh yeeaaahh that’s why you need money..


  • 16 more days of work!    
  • 25 days till we leave for Cali!
  • 31 days til my last paycheck from Pediatric Associates!

Another one bites the dust

Saturday night, 11:15pm, Dylan is asleep in the backseat, my brother is falling asleep in the front seat, I am driving home from my aunts house after a family gathering. My brother and I had been raising our eyebrows at a funky noise coming from the hood of my car. When I pressed the gas we heard a clicking/flapping sound. Bro thought a belt was loose, no biggie, we will check it out tomorrow.

HAH!! My car had another plan for us. It died. Battery light comes on, check engine light comes on, and my car turns off. I immediately turn my flashers on and start laughing!!


By the way, we are on the freeway, crossing the bridge over Lake Washington. There is no shoulder. So I’m stopped in the right lane. And for some reason, everyone was out driving across the bridge at this time! Oh yea, I caused a backup.

Smart drivers who saw my flashers got into the next lane right away, but there still were a few brainiacs who got right up behind me, as if expecting me to all of a sudden start my car and drive off.

Luckily a state patrol came along and was able to push us to the next exit, where we met up with the tow truck and my mom who came to our rescue.

Mechanic says that the engine is toast. So with the thought waves of my mom assisting my own, we decided that I need a new car! Well duh.. But a reeeaaaalll new car!

So here I am, car-less for a few days, driving my dad’s car to work while he is out of town, and graciously accepting if anyone would like to give me a 2011/2012 mid size SUV 😉

Wish me luck on car shopping!!

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