Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

Wallpaper be gone!

I have a wallpaper border around the middle of the wall in my room. I want it gone! I have been wanting to do another painting project since my side table painting project. So the wallpaper will come off and I will paint the walls!

I took the border off one wall.. And have been procrastinating for the last week! It’s a tedious job and I really want someone else to do it for me..

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Black to Blue

I consider myself fairly crafty. I’ve done my share of scrapbooks, frames, modge podge, and painting. I have my collection of paper, stickers, different kinds of glue, gadgets and gizmos, whosits and whatsits, and what have you for crafts. What I haven’t done before is a furniture piece!

A few weeks ago I decided to sand down and repaint a side table that has been in my room for who knows how long! This particular side table has been in the family for a gazillion years. My mom remembers this table in her house when she was young. How I ended up with it in my room.. No Clue!

Being a gazillion years old, this table had remnants of stickers stuck on it, dents and dings and scratches all over and it was black. Dull black. It wasn’t a pretty table to look at.        

 Exhibit 1A & 1B:  










So Dylan and I ventured to the hardware store. And once I got there I realized I had NO CLUE what I needed! Sand Paper… Okay lets start with sand paper.. coarse? medium? hmm let’s go with a medium grain. Do I need a sand paper tool?! Nah.. I’ll use my womanly arm muscles. Paint.. crap!!!!! What color did I want to paint it? What kind of paint? Do I need a base coat? Top Coat? Primer? Oh hey! Excuse me Mr. Hardware store worker.. uhmm I need help?

Mr. Hardware was a HUGE help! He helped me pick out a good paint with a primer in it. Once we knew what brand of paint we were getting, It was off to the color wheel.. Did you know there are a trillion colors to choose from? I let Dylan pick. He chose a very nice Navy Blue. I was pleased with his color choice. So we got our paint mixed, payed for our findings and zipped home to begin our project!


Step 1: Sanding










My arms were burning! But I was soooooo proud of myself! Dylan did some sanding too.. then he saw a puddle and decided that would be more fun.

Step 2: Start Painting: Coat 1










Looking good! I’m loving the color!

I added 2 more coats of paint:









I wish I could say that I did this project in a matter of hours. I spread it out over 2 or 3 days. I didn’t want to wear myself out!

I am now the owner of a refurnished antique side table. And by owner I mean that I am fostering it in my room until I move out, my mom has staked her claim to it.

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