Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

Stories by Dylan: Take 1

on April 24, 2012

Once upon a time there was two little kids, Batman and Spiderman. Spiderman had a pet spider, Batman had a pet bat. And then they went home with their pets, and they played games and went outside and their pets went pee and did tricks. And then they all went inside and drinked cocoa milk, and water, and juice and they drinked cold milk and almond milk, and then they went to bed. And woke up, and went to bed, and woke up. And they were playing together again, and they did that and this and that and this and that. And then they read a once upon a time story together. Batman read a story about bats, Spiderman read a book about spiders. Then they switched. And they played together with toys. Then they made their bed and they just lie down on the bed and packed up their backpacks for school with the other super heroes, like that little green guy… that changes into other stuff, and one of his teeth was sticking out of his mouth. And then they saw Batman’s friend. And then they saw Spiderman’s friend, and then they saw someone else. And they saw… they saw… who else did they see? Oh, they met Captain America and the little green guy’s dad at the little green guy’s house. And there was a guy who had three finger nails that grew and grew and he could cut stuff.

And then they met all the superhero friends, like the super hero squad. Then they went to the playground and it was raining then they all went home with their daddy’s.


 I just learned how bossy Dylan is when it comes to making up stories. If he didn’t think I was typing the correct word, I got in trouble. And he feels as though, being the narrator, he also has the right to add his own typing into the story.. “Mom! Can I press the L?” “Mom! What does S and R and F and 5 spell?” “Mooooooom! Did you say how Batman went to bed?” “Don’t forget to press the G!” “Where is the letter I pressed? Its too small!”

I think I’ve created a monster…

THE END!!!!!!


One response to “Stories by Dylan: Take 1

  1. G'ma Mary says:

    I laughed out loud for real. You are a good writer and I loved how you ended your story too!

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