Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

Pip Pip Cheerio

on March 6, 2012

Cheerios are a staple toddler snack. Easy to pick up with those little chubby fingers, easily dissolved in those not-quite-full-of-teeth mouths, and enjoyed by parents as well. Did you know, Cheerios can help lower your cholesterol?? (That is what the commercials tell me..)

I went to Target yesterday with a very short (3 items) list. Plain Cheerios being one of the items. First off.. just because I have 3 things on my list, does not necessarily mean that is all I will be walking out of the store with.. UHM HELLO!? Its TARGET!

I grabbed a shopping cart instead of a basket..  giving myself the mental challenge ‘Must Fill the Cart!’ I took the long way around Target.. heading through the Womens Clothes, Childrens Clothes, Home, Storage, and finally to the cereal aisle. What I saw amazed me..

There are a bajillion types of Cheerios now!!

I already knew about Honey Nut and Frosted and MultiGrain. Not shown above are PeanutButter, Chocolate, Cinnamon Burst and Dulce de Leche. And im SURE there are some that I missed.

Not to sure on the originality factor for some of these..

  • Fruity Cheerios=  Fruit Loops 
  • Apple Cinnamon Cheerios=  Apple Jacks
  • Chocolate Cheerios=  Coco Puffs

I gotta say, the Peanut Butter, BananaNut and MultiGrain Cheerios are great! My son is yet to experience this selection.. maybe I’ll share..

So I left Target with the original 3 things on my list.. and an extra box of Cheerios, crackers, dried fruit, Green Tea, a shoe rack for my closet, 2 pairs of yoga sweats, a t-shirt, a shirt and sweatshirt for Dylan, face wash, and a pack of gummy bears.. This was a child-free shopping trip mind you.. 

 Have you guessed that I love Target? By far my favorite store.. They have started to put their Summer stuff out.. sun dresses, tank tops, shorts, bikinis, bright colors, kids cargo shorts, sandles, plaid shorts (LOVE these on little boys!)… I will be returning soon for a summer wardrobe stock up!


2 responses to “Pip Pip Cheerio

  1. lindsay says:

    Target is trouble!!! Love it, but its q challenge to leave without buying something you didn’t come in for.

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