Children think they know.. but they have noooo idea!

Inexperienced working mom

on March 6, 2012

After finding a few blogs to follow about stay-at-home parenting experiences, experienced-grandparent expertise, mother-of-many-children advice, and how-to-keep-your-family-happy activities.. I have come to the quite obvious conclusion that I am a working full-time.. single.. young mother.. of 1 child.

I just heard Annie singing… “It’s a hard knock life for us”

It’s not so bad.. I have a great kid, a great job, a GREAT support system.. shout out to mom and dad! 🙂 My friends are super supportive and love seeing Dylan, and I never feel like I am the odd one out for having a child.

  • I am Lucky
  • I am Blessed
  • I am Thankful
  • I am Loved
  • I am Happy

Hi. My name is Margi. I’m 24. I have a 4-year-old and I’m a single mom.




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